Dreamwall Wall-coating fabric


Maximum tear-resistance Most of them do easily tear.
Available on all surfaces. Can be applied even after plastering without additional processing. Most of them require smooth surfaces.
Breathes. Is healthy. Do not breathe. Is not healthy.
Easy to apply. Prevents air bubbles by breathing and provides easier application experience because of tear-resistance feature Difficult to apply. May tear allow air bubbles during the application.
You can create more than 10.000 combinations with our catalogues. Or, you can get original designs or choose high definition images to cover your walls. Design options are limited to catalogues involving 30-40 designs.
Can be manufactured in a single piece per your required dimensions. Most of them cannot be produced as a single piece.
Easy to remove without damaging the product or walls. You can even re-apply a removed Dreamwall on another wall. Cannot be removed easily. You will have to carve them from your walls by using a scraper, which increases the cost. Also, your walls may be damaged.
Single layer. Does not get damaged by impacts or claws. Most of them consist of multiple layers. The top layer usually gets damaged by impacts, pets, or toddlers. As a result, the whiteness of the bottom layer becomes visible.
Does not cause humidity or temperature changes with breathing feature. Does not sweat. Causes sweat and humidity.
Except for cleaning products containing bleach, is easy to wipe with all types of cleaning products without causing bubbles, tears, or lifts. Cleaning is limited. Can only be cleaned with a piece of cloth.
Velvet-like texture brings chicness and elegance together. Mostly has artificial texture.
“Do it yourself” You can apply it on your own without needing an expert. You will have to find an experienced expert to apply wallpapers.
Provides 23% heat, 25% sound insulation. Most of them does not provide insulation.

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