Just imagine, and we’ll make it happen for you.

You can pick thousands of designs and styles among the catalogues carefully curated by the specialist graphic designers and stylists of Dreamwall and create tens of thousands of combinations per your needs. But, Dreamwall promises to deliver much more than that.

Imagination is unlimited!

As Dreamwall family, we are proud to offer you unlimited choice.

Let’s say you’re an architect, developer or you own an advertising agency, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a wall-coating product that can realize your imagination to the full extent?

Whether you are a businessperson or homemaker;

Imagine! Wouldn’t it be a joy to see your own designs or creations over your walls? Why wouldn’t you cover your walls with one of your favorite designs or images among the millions of available choices on the Internet? Wouldn’t it be a nice gift for your child to cover their walls with their favorite superhero? Or, wouldn’t you like to have a design that features your company’s logo?

Just imagine, and we’ll make it happen for you.

Infinite number of colors and designs

You can pick your favorite images from your own designs, photographs or millions of options available on the Internet without sticking to the catalogues and see your picks printed over your walls in a short period of time.

Heat insulation

As a result of the tests conducted by BUTEKOM and R&D laboratories, it has been confirmed that Dreamwall provides extra heat insulation of up to 23%.

Energy-saving Dreamwall will keep your dreams warmer.

Sound insulation

As a result of the tests conducted by BUTEKOM and R&D laboratories, it has been confirmed that Dreamwall provides extra sound insulation of up to 25%.

Enjoy silence and peace with Dreamwall’s unique formula.

Easy-to apply

With its special structure, Dreamwall allows an easier application than all wall-coating products available on the construction and decoration market. It offers a unique structure that integrates with the wall and an unmatched adaptation to beams and similar structures. You don’t need any tool other than a wallpaper adhesive and curved knife, both of which is available at all stores.


Manufactured with all available means of the-state-of-the-art nanotechnology, Dreamwall reflects your dreams onto your walls to the full extent, while remaining the leader of the industry.

Health friendly

Owner of a CE certificate, Dreamwall does not contain any substance harmful to human health.

As a result of the “formeldehit tests” conducted by BUTEKOM and R&D laboratories, it has been found that Dreamwall does not contain any carcinogen substance; therefore, is health-friendly.


Did you know that breathing extends the life cycle of your walls at your home and your place of business?

With its special formula, Dreamwall allows your walls to breathe and provides higher protection against damp and humidity.

Single piece

Dreamwall continues to be a trailblazer in the construction and decoration industry, allowing single piece manufacturing which ends the inconvenience of covering additional spots and matching designs.

You can easily reflect elegance on your walls with Dreamwall, the preferred choice in single wall applications.


Thanks to its unique formula, you can easily wipe Dreamwall with cleaning products such as soap, detergent, etc. – except for chemicals containing bleach. Dreamwall neither wears down, nor its color fades out with cleaning.

Your dreams will remain spotless with Dreamwall!


With its special formula, Dreamwall provides higher resistance against impacts and is unrivalled in terms of tear-resistance.

We know!

That you are done with the wallpapers that are worn off, torn down or deformed after an impact. We know that even the slightest hit while moving furniture around damages your wallpapers.

With its unlayered structure and unique formula, Dreamwall does not get damaged and torn down after having been hit.

Your dreams and efforts are under protection with Dreamwall!

3D Features

Dreamwall is a unique product that reflects your choices or designs over the walls in 3D, just like you’ve imagined.

Do it yourself

Even though you have no experience, you can easily apply Dreamwall to your walls thanks to its tear-resistance, single-piece choice and wall-integrating structure.

Velvet-like surface

In addition to its natural appearance, Dreamwall brings chic and elegance together with a velvet-like surface.

Damage-free handling

We continue to be unrivalled with “damage-free” feature which enables handling without damaging your walls or Dreamwall. Have you bought a new home? Have you decided to relocate your place of business? Dreamwall has been designed to allow damage-free removal and re-application to go with you anywhere.

Remove easily by spraying water and re-apply to your new walls.

Your dreams follow you with Dreamwall.

Suits all surfaces

Dreamwall offers a unique feature that suits to all surface types and is applicable on both rough and smooth surfaces.

Gathering interest from architects and developers with this feature, Dreamwall is applicable over the walls after rough plastering without needing any paint.

Choose Dreamwall for an excellent choice.

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