Can I be a sales representative or dealer of Dreamwall?

Yes. Dreamwall continues to provide sales representation and dealership in Turkey and all over the world. While the lack of high investment and stock costs pleases the entrepreneurs, we want you to know that we are just a phone call away. Contact us to get the earnings you deserve in the developing world.

What are your Dreamwall dealership terms?

Dreamwall offers you two types of solution partnerships;

a) Sales representative model, in this system, you can start selling our product together with other sales representatives without any stock or investment costs by simply purchasing our catalogs without making any commitments. Contact us for detailed information.

b) Franchise (distributor) model; In this system, you inform us of the country, city or district you want to be a dealer in, our team does a preliminary study about the place you want and you are given a minimum sales quota. After this study, the necessary payments are received, agreements are signed and no company other than you can sell in the region where the dealership is made. Please contact us for detailed information.

Can you produce in one piece in height and width specific to projects?

Yes, we can produce in one piece according to the wall size.

Is it possible to buy wholesale products?

We produce special wholesale products for the projects of contractors, architects and interior decoration companies and offer them for sale at attractive prices.

I want to sell Dreamwall over the internet, is it possible?

Yes it is possible. Dreamwall has its own e-commerce site, but you can also sell from your own site.

I am an architect, I want my own drawings to be produced as wall fabric, is it possible?

Yes, we produce your own designs or photos in the dimensions you want.

Do you have a store sale? How can we supply the product?

We have many sales representatives in Turkey and around the world. You can procure the product from these sales representatives or contact us directly.

The width of your standard Roll wall fabrics is 0.70 m. length of 10.5 meters. well, can roll wall fabrics be produced in the dimensions we want in large projects?

Yes, we have special Roll production for your projects. For example, 1.5 mt. and the length is 20 m. We can produce special sizes such as, so you get less waste and maximum benefit.

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